Below are a list of Vitamin D supplements in liquid form for children from birth to 3 years of age.

In the UK

We recommend Carlson for Kids, Ddrops Liquid Vitamin D3 and Baby Ddrops.. These are available from most pharmacies or can be ordered online.

Some mothers may be eligible for free vitamins under the government’s healthy start scheme.

For Ireland

Baby Vit D3 Vitamin D Drops, Baby D and Abidec Vitamin D3 drops are recommended by the Food Safety Authority Ireland. Please note that the Baby Vit D3 Vitamin D drops manufacturers advise 200IU per day (2 drops), however, The Vitamin D Association recommend 400IU (4 drops per day) which is the international consensus.


BabyDdrops are recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society and American Academy of Pediatrics.

United States

In the US, we recommend Carlson for Kids, Ddrops Liquid Vitamin D3.


baby-vitd3 baby-ddrops kid-ddrops

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