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Watch the videos of presentations given at a scientific conference about Vitamin D held at University of California at San Diego
Search by the name of the presenter or “Vitamin D”

There is an excellent 30-minute introduction by Carole Baggerly:

Dr Michael Holick gives a most informative and entertaining overview:

Dr Robert Heaney links all the evidence across many short-term and long-term illnesses:
and explains how Vitamin D interacts with & enables uptake of calcium:

Dr Frank Garland talks about the connections between Type-1 Diabetes and Vitamin D:

Professor Cedric Garland shows the detailed evidence linking Cancer to lack of Vitamin D:

Dr Edward Gorham talks about sunlight and sunscreens:

Dr David Sane talks about Heart Disease and Vitamin D:

Dr Donald L Trump talks about Cancer treatment at Roswell Park, NY:

Dr Carol Wagner talks about pregnancy and breast-feeding:

There are also videos of the presentations at the 2011 conferences held by the Vitamin D Association on the Events page.

Search for “Vitamin D Symposium” held in December 2010

Videos of presentations given by Carole Baggerly, Dr Marc Sorenson & Dr Robert Heaney that explain the link between lack of sunlight & a number of illnesses.

Vitamin D – Sol vind & Dioxiner

There is an excellent 60 minute presentation by Professor Reinhold Vieth about Vitamin D and how it relates to Cancer, Osteoporosis and Multiple Sclerosis.

Professor Nina Jablonski, author of Skin: A Natural History, talks about how our differing skin colours are simply our bodies’ adaptation to varied climates and levels of UV exposure, and how that relates to Vitamin D

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